QIXAR - Moka Dev. - Revamped on 2013/07/08

- 2013/08/04 After a lot of experiments and a lot of surfing on the net in search for inspiration (and code snippets :)), the Qixar is moving in a nice way. As always, it needs a lot of optimization but at least its a starting point :)

The video:
Qixar moving

- 2013/07/16 Implemented the polygon discovery routine in the game.

A video showing the polygon & fill routine in action:
YouTube Video

- 2013/07/15 Added the routine that discovers the two polygons:
- player moved a->b->c->d (light blue dots)
- the routine discovered the purple polygon and the blue polygon

- 2013/07/15 Added the routine that checks if the Qixar (yellow circle) is in the polygon passed.
- this is needed because i will fill the polygon without the Qixar
- in this case i will pass the blue polygon, the routine returns the presence of the Qixar, i will fill the purple polygon.

- 2013/07/10 Fill routine is now fully implemented in the game. It needs some tuning but i like the speed achieved in TP3 :)

A video showing the fill routine in action:
YouTube Video

- 2013/07/09 Fill routine successfully converted :) And it seems reasonably fast...

Two tests:
fill 1
fill 2

- 2013/07/08 Experimental fill routine developed on pc.

Next steps: convert to pascal, integrate in the actual source and try to remember how the whole thing works :)

QIXAR project - 2k2 MxM Softworks - Started on August 2002

-The current "working" version (15/01/2001 - 23:00)
qixar.rar (DSK image with sources - RAR)
- New fill routine

- The First working version (August 2002)

- Screenshots from actual version: